Anesthesiology Improvement using the result of evaluation in Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University


  • Polpun Boonmak
  • Panarat Rattanasuwan Yimyam
  • Suhattaya Boonmak



Objective: To improve the instruction of integrated anesthesiology to medical and dentistry students using the evaluations of both students and lecturers as a basis for changes.

Design: Descriptive study

Methods: We included 161 and 87 fifth-year medical and dentistry students (academic year 2003-2004), respectively.  We collected evaluation forms before and after improvement.  The data evaluated comprised lectures, skills-teaching, practice teaching, and discussions by students and lecturers.  The scoring range was:  1 (very poor), 2 (poor), 3 (good) and 4 (excellent).  We also evaluated MCQ, MEQ, OSCE, and anesthesia reporting using reliability testing, and difficulty and discrimination indices.

Results: The before and after improvement testing of 13 lecture topics, 3 skills-teachings and practice teaching were not significantly different (i.e. 3.81-3.91 and 3.80-3.91, 3.89-3.94 and 3.88-3.95, 3.94-4.00 and 3.90-3.98, respectively).  The OSCE and anesthesia reporting checklist had poor reliability because of ambiguity in some of the checklist items and standardization.  Ultimately, the dentistry student’s evaluation had a higher post-improvement score.

Conclusion: Both before and after improvement, both students and lecturers had a high level of satisfaction vis-à-vis the integrated anesthesiology course.  We had chance to an improvement in the OSCE checklist, anesthesia reporting, and the instruction of this subject to dentistry students.

Keywords: medical education; anesthesiology; dentistry students; medical students


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