Tranformational Leadership, Work Experiences, and Organizational Commitment of Professional Nurses in Surgery and Orthopedic Department, Srinagarin Hospital

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Suteera Pradubwong
Marisa Krairiksh
Wanapa Nivasavat


Background : High  turnover  of  nurses  affect  the quality of  patient  care  and    the  cost  of  healthcare.  Nurses’ tranformational  leasership  and  work  experiences  correlate to their  retention  or  change  of  employment  status.

Objective:  To  study  the  relationship  among  tranformational  leadership ,  work  experiences  and  organization  commitment. Design :  Descriptive  correlation  research


Setting Surgery  and  Orthopedic  Department  in  Srinagarin  Hospital,  Faculty  of  Medicine,  Khon  Kaen  University

Subjects : A  sample of  thirty  professional  nurses  with  working  experiences more than year.

Measurements :  Using the questionaire  consisted  of  four  parts  :  personal  data,  transformation  leadership,  work  experiences  and  organization  commitment.  Analyse the data were used  frequency, percentage,  mean,  standard deviation,  Peason’s Product Moment Correlation.

Results :  Mean  scores  of  tranformational  leadership (`X =3.99    , S.D.=    2.51) , work  experiences (`X =4.05    , S.D.=    3.29 )   and  organization  commitment (`X =3.8           , S.D.=    0.66 )  were at high  levels.  Tranformational  leadership   and  work  experiences  were  moderately  positive  correlated  to  organizational  commitment ( r = 0.436, r = 0.648 ) respectively.

Conclusion :  Tranformational  leadership  and  working  experiences  were  essential  factors  that  enhance  organization  commitment.  Nurse  administrators  should  help  their  staff  to  build  leadership  and  should   establish  a  good  organizational  climate.

Key  words Organization  Commitment,  Tranformational  Leadership  and  Work  Experiences.


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