A Study of Discharge Planning Model for Brain Tumor Surgical Patients Admitted to Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

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Jitaree Tantiyaswatdikul
Darawan Augsornwan
Sasitorn Duangmun
Budee Krapoochai
Wanida Pimtha
Suteera Pradubwong


Background: Discharge planning prepares patients and caregivers ensuring continuity of care; reducing return hospitalization and relieving patient anxiety. Studying about discharge planning model for brain tumor surgical patients is very important to  provide the data for developing  the best model and also will lead to excellent service.

Objective: We evaluated the 'discharge planning model' for brain tumor surgery patients at Srinagarind Hospital. 
Method: 30 patients and caregivers were interviewed about needed knowledge, information and skill. 
Results: The level of patients and caregivers needs responded to, and activities received by them, was high. Knowledge among patients and caregivers was high (4.56+0.72) and 4.06+0.99).  Information factors among patients and caregivers was high (4.71+0.52) and (3.87+0.88).  Skill factors among patients and caregivers was high (4.50+0.71) and (3.96+1.02). 
Conclusion: Better coordination of the interdisciplinary team and management of knowledge and skills for activities for both patients and caregivers are needed.


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