Contimuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device – Ortho. KKU. Medel

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Wiroon Laupattarakasem
Weerachai Kowsuwon


Continuous passive motion (CPM) of the joint is a modality of treatment that has been extensively investigated in animal models that it can enhance and result in better tissue healing after joint injuries than immobilization or intermittent active motion. It is now a trend to accept this method for wider clinical applications in joint rehabilitation. Several models of CPM devices are presently commercialized. Most of them are separately designed for either upper or lower limb use. Which usually cannot flex a joint beyond 120 degrees and are rather expensive. CPM device – Ortho. KKU. Model is specially innovated so that it can be alternatively applied to both upper and lower extremities and is capable to passively supinate and pronate the forearm along with flexion and extension of the elbow. Ranges of motion are adjustable to the full extent. Above all, this design is much less costly and therefore is more economic and is even multipurposes.


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