Retinal Detachment Surgery at Srinagarind Hospital

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Yosanan Yospaiboon


From January 1983 to June 1986, a total of 70 patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment had been surgically treated. There were 47 male and 23 female patients. Age ranged from 7 to 80 years and 64.23% were younger than 40 years. Both eyes were equally affected, and bilaterality was found to be 7.14%. At first seen, most of them (74.28%) had pre-operative vision in the affected eyes worse than 6/60. The degree of detachment was more than one quadrant (90%). The most common type of retinal breaks was round hole (47.06%). Horseshoe tear was the next common (36.77%). Most of the retinal breaks located in the superotemporal quadrant (38.59%). Most of the patients were surgically treated by scleral buckling procedure with encircling band and subretinal fluid drainage. The anatomical reattachment and functional success rate were 82.86% and 53.54% respectively.


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