Gynecologic Cancers in srinagarind Hospital(1976-1985)

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Prasit Pengsaa
Banchong Udomthavornsuk
Nipa Lowanitchai
Truengta Supakvanich
Supannee Sri-amporn


The total 1033 cases of gynecologic cancers were collected from 1976 to the end of 1985 in the hospital-based cancer registry (Cancer Unit) of the faculty of medicine, Khon Kaen University.  Cervical cancer comprised 815 cases (78.90%), while there were 130 cases of ovarian cancer (12.58%), 59 cases of uterine corpus cancer (5.71%), 23 cases of vulvar cancer (2.22%), 5 cases of vaginal cancer (0.48%) and one cases of fallopian tube cancer (0.10%).  The number of the cancer patients increased year by year.  The average age for cervical, ovarian, uterine corpus, vulvar, vaginal and fallopian tube cancer were 47.53, 43.50, 54.21, 52.00, 57.00 and 55.00 years respectively and the parity were 6, 4, 3, 7, 8 and 0 respectively.  Twenty-eight percent of the patients resided in Khon Kaen area, while the rest were from different part of the northeastern area of Thailand.  Most patients were Thai, Bhuddhist, and farmer.  The FIGO Stages of the diseases varied as the histological types and organs.  The treatment for cervical and vaginal cancers were mostly radiotherapy while for the ovarian cancer were surgery plus chemotherapy and for the uterine corpus, vulvar and fallopian tube cancer were surgery.  The follow-up profile and surival analysis will be presented later.  The authors recommended that cancer registry is the best method for handling cancer problems in Thailand.


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Pengsaa P, Udomthavornsuk B, Lowanitchai N, Supakvanich T, Sri-amporn S. Gynecologic Cancers in srinagarind Hospital(1976-1985). Srinagarind Med J [nternet]. 1 [cited 2021Nov.29];1(4):245-52. vailable from:
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