Hert Diseases in School Children : A PreliminarySurvey in the Khon Kaen municipal area

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Manat Panamonta
Arnkisa Chaikitpinyo
Virat Klungboonkrong
Cherdcai Tantisirin
Kiertiyai Bhuripanyo


A survey of heart disease in school children was carried out from July to December 1986 in the municipal area of Khon Kaen city.

From the total of 26 primary schools in this area, nine were randomly selected for this study.  There were 7,106 children, consisting of 4,026 boys and 3,080 girls.  Their age distribution varied between 7  and 12 years.  Every child was examined by staff of the Khon Kaen University Hospital.  The results revealed that the prevalence of congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and mitral valve prolapse were 2.81, 1.13 and 1.13 per thousand respectively.  Rheumatic arthritis was found in one child.  Other forms of cardiac abnormalities less commonly obersved were premature ventricular systoles and anemic heart disease.  The former occurred in one child and the latter was encountered in two children who also suffered from thalassemia.


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