MycobaKK : An Inexpensive Tubercle bacilli Staining Kit

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Banchob Sripa
Pramote Srivanitcharak


MycobaKK is a staining kit for mycobacteria prepared from a commercially available cotton dye and was developed by the authors. Experimental evidences on various specimens have demostrated comparable staining quality with the standard acid fast staining using Ziehl Neelsen method. MycobaKK has beenapplied both on the sputum and paraffin sections with reliable effectiveness and quality. Preparation of the staining kit is simple and is 20-fold cheaper than the standard one . The staining mixture is thus expected to be useful and applicable for routine tubercle bacilli staining in diagnostic and hospital laboratories.


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Sripa B, Srivanitcharak P. MycobaKK : An Inexpensive Tubercle bacilli Staining Kit. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 11 [cited 2022 May 18];3(1):11-3. Available from:
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