The use of microcomputer in item analysis

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Suppasin Soontrapa
Chanintr Mahakkanukrauh
Sakda Chaikitpinyo


Utillizing the Thai version of dbase III, a program for items analysis was developd in the computer unit of the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabillitation Medicine KhonKaen University, for the purpose of

  1. grading of medical students
  2. standardization of the examination items

The program was used to analyse the items given to medical students in the 4th and 6th year standing for their final examination in 1986-1987 and found to be effective: The well –standardized items could be identified and stored in the examination bank while those less-standardized could be separated for later improvement. These could be accomplished within a day for each class , much more effective than previously.


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