Fatal Motorcycle Injuries in KKU Students

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Prayong Taksaphan


Since KhonKaen University was founded in 1963 until December 1985, a 22 year period, fourty-seven dead students were reviewed. Twenty-four (51%) of the total were caused by motorcycle injuries. The ratio of male to female was 7:1 questionnaries which fillec by their relatives were complete for analysis 14 cases. There were 11 drivers and 3 passengers. Only one has recorded of wearing helmet. The accidents occurred mostly during 16:00 to  24:00. All of the pattern of the accidents were collision rather than overturning as has been reported in the surviver group. Ten cases collided with automobile. Serious lesions that caused death were head injuries, fracture cervical spines and chest injuries. Preventive plan for local problems also proposed in discussion.


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