Tranverse Abdominal Island Flap for Breast Reconstruction

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Ronachai Komthong
Chusak Kuptarnond
Cherdchai Tontisirin


The psychosocial literature is replete with studies describing morbidity associated with mastectomy, “the stress of which causes considerable upset in virtually all areas of a patent’s life” Specific types of psychological distress resulting from radical surgery include clinically significant mood disturbance, decreased sexual interest and satisfaction increased self-consciousness about clothes and revealing underwear, negative changes in one’s body image, fears about recurrence and of late anxiety about the relative merits of breast reconstruciton.


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Komthong R, Kuptarnond C, Tontisirin C. Tranverse Abdominal Island Flap for Breast Reconstruction. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 11 [cited 2022 May 18];3(1):63-9. Available from:
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