KAP Study About Sex, Reproduction and contraception in The Teenagers : Case study in Khon Kaen Vocational Students.

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Chuanchom Sakondhavat
Manop Kanato
Pichet Leungtonkum
Chusri Kuchaisit


This study examines the khowledge, atitude and practice (KAP) of sexual activity and family planning among vocational students in Khon Kaen.  The study process consists of 4 part : 1) collection of KAP information using self reporting pretested questionnaire, 1) verification of practice information using anthropological procedure, 3) health education about family psychology, sex education, family planning, unwanted pregnancy and induced abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, and 4) family planning service.  The response to the same three questionnaire during one year period was completed in 44.82% of the students (502/1120).  The detail of the study results will be presented.  The other conclusion which can be drawn from this study is that the sexual practice information can be collected more reliably by the combination of sociological and anthropological methods.


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