Surgical Treatment of Empyema Thoracis

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Cherdchai Tontisirin
Sompop Prathanee
Kachrit Pacherat
Chusak Kuptanon
Amorn Suwannimitr


During 1982-1984} fifty-five patients with empyema thoracis were treated at Surgical Department of Srinagarind Hospital and Khon Kaen Hospital.  The chief compliants were fever (61.1%), Cough (47.06%), Chest pain (32.20%) and dyspnea (25.42%).  Postpneumonia, TB. and chest chest trauma were the main caused of empyema thoracis.  The pathogenic bacteria were Pseudomonas auroginosa (30.50%), staph.  Aureus (21.03%), Acenetobacter sp.  (8.47%) and Klebsiella sp. (6.78%) respectively.  Surgical treatment consisted of 54 decortication, 4 rib resection and 1 intercostal drainage.  There were postoperative complication in 25.4% of patients, mostly were infection and there was no death.  The average admission time was 2-8 weeks.


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