Esophageal carcinoma : Uncommon disease in the Northeasthern of Thailand.

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Sompop Prathanee
Cherdchai Tontisirin
Chusak Kuptarnond
Nopadol Tongsopit


Esophageal carcinoma is one of the malignant disease commonly found in the south of Thailand.  This article is a preliminary report of esophageal carcinoma in the northeast of Thailand.

A total 41 cases of esophageal carcinoma were treated at Srinagarindhospital between December, 1972 and February, 1989.  But only 25 cases whose records were available for study.  Among these patients, the ratio between male and female was 2.6 to 1 and the average age was 59.4 year-old.  All of the pateints were advanced stage (III, VI).  The common site of tumor were lower esophagus (48%).  The pathological types of our cases were squamous cell carcinoma 13 cases, adenocarcinoma 10 cases and the other 2 cases was not recorded.  Twenty-three cases was operated and 2 cases were theated by radiation.  In operated group, 2 cases died (8.1%) from esophageal perforation and anastomosis leakage.

Long term follow up (18/25 cases) there was 2 cases survived for 5 years and the other survived between one month to fifteen months.  Seven cases lost follow up postoperatively.

In conclusion surgical patients who were treated by operation (19/23 or 82.9%) can be supported nutrition by mouth themselves, surgical treatment by skillful surgeon should be proper management of esophageal carcinoma even in advance cases.


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