The Comprehension and Production of Nouns among the Children Aged 4 to 5 years in the Kindergarten School in the Municipality of Khon Kaen Province

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Benjamas Prathanee
Krisana Lertsukprasert
Anusorn Sunthornpong


The purpose of this research is to study the abilities of children aged 4 to 5 years to comprehend and express four kinds of nouns namely : animals, objects, plant and food, and colours.

The instrument used in this study was a picture test constructed by researchers.  The test included 86 nouns, each in colour picture.  The test was administered to 327 children (155 females and 172 males) selected randomly from kindergarten schools in Khonkaen.  The data was statistically analyzed to show that abilities in comprehension and production of these nouns.

The results of this study indicated that the comprehension and production of common nouns in daily life are greater performs than the uncommon.  Besides, these common nouns have also special characteristics, which are attractive to the children.  The subjects exhibited the abilities to comprehend those nouns more than the abilities to express them.  The subjects were able to understand and use the names of animals the most and the names of colours the least.  Moreover, it was shown that there was no significant difference in most abilities between sexes to comprehen and express nouns in this study.


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