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Panadda Juntrachotiwit


The introduction of cell-tissue culture technology into biological research since 1907 has been a further step forward towards the finding of answers to many problems important for the well-being of mankind.  The achievement of cell culture depends on several factors : experiences of the cell biologists, sterile room, culture equipment, culture media recipes, and the utmost important is the basic understanding of the cell culture nature.  They are all important for the setting up of cell culture laboratory for practical purpose.  This article is the summary of the detail of basic knowledges on tissue culture laboratory practice.  The topics to be covered are 1) cell biology, 2) type of cell culture (primary culture, established cell line culture, continuous cell line, finite cell line), 3) methodology (suspended cell culture, monolayer cell culture, microcarrier culture), and 4) factors affecting the culture techniques.  Part two covers the culture media, sterilization procedure, laboratory equipments, biosafety, primary techniques, and its application in biomedical research.  It may be useful for those who are going into this fascinating field of searching for knowledge to be applied later.


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