Clinical uses and potential clinical uses of antiprogestin : Mifepristone

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W. Arkaravichien



Mifepristone is a synthetic progesterone antagonist acting reversibly at the molecular level of receptor.  It blocks progesterone receptors in pregnant myometrium, endometrium and chorion, resulting in pregnancy termination.  It is also useful for the expulsion of non viable pregnancy of in-vitro fertilization embryo transfer and gamate intra-fallopian transfer.  Mifepristone dilates the cervix of both pregnant and non pregnant women.  In preliminary studies,  mifepristone has shown a good prospect for treatment of progesterone dependent cancer like breast cancer and meningioma.  The possibility of using mifepristone as once-a-month contraceptive is being studied by a consequent use of GnRH antagonist followed by mifepristone.

Mifepristone has just been in clinic shortly, but has shown a number of indications and potential indications.


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