Learning Activity Management by Learner Centered approach using CIPPA Model in Medical Photography 1

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Dusadee Musikpodoke
Wanchai Kanjanasurat
Songpol Oopachitakul
Chongchareon Metta


Background: The 1999 National Educational Act stated that “in schooling, learners need to be considered as primary importance”.  In addition, to fulfill the Khon Kaen University (KKU) Council’s resolution and strategic plan on learning and teaching development, KKU is committed to developing and implementing a “learner” centered curriculum.  This commitment is one of the principal targets requiring the collaboration of all related parties adopting this approach.  In this study, the Cippa action research Model was applied, which in turn provided substantial opportunities for students and staff to hear opinions from each other.

Objectives: To investigate outcomes of learner-centered activities following implementation of the Cippa model in Medical Photography I, a course in the program leading to a Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical and Communications Methodology.

Setting: Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical and Communications Program at the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Methodology: This was action research. Data were collected through both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Learner-centered activities were adopted through the Cippa model.  The study required 8 sessions, including 4 lesson.  In order to improve follow-on teaching plans, information from current lesson was collected.  The learning outcome was assessed by giving students an achievement test, which was analyzed for means and percentages, based on 60% as the passing score.  Evaluation of learner-centered teaching was made every session in the class, and its outcome statistically translated.

Results: The students developed a better understanding for subject contents.  Given opportunities to be practically involved in the class activities, the students enjoyed studying and were able to integrate previous with new knowledge.  The achievement test indicated that the mean score from the achievement test accounted for 77% of the mean score, and 17 students (100%) passed the specified criteria of 60%.

Keywords: 1.  Lesson plan; 2.  Opinion Records from teachers; 3.  Achievement


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