Profunda femoris artery arise from the medial aspect of femoral artery: A case report

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Nawaporn Techataweewan
Yanyong Toomsan
Kittisak Sripanidkulchai



The profunda femoris artery is frequently involved in vascular reconstructive procedures in the thigh.

During usually dissection in Gross Anatomy laboratory of medical students, it was founded that the profunda femoris arose from the medial side of the right femoral artery in the embalmed female cadaver with age 56 year old. This variation is a very rare case, thus we are interest to study pattern and course of this artery and report for the referable in anatomical evidence.

Objectives 1.    To study the course and branches of the profunda femoris atery that arise from medial side of the right femoral artery 2.    To study the right femoral artery and its branches in this cadaver. Result

The profunda femoris artery in this cadaver is the the third branch and arise from the medial side of the right femoral artery  and  far from mid-inguinal ligament for 20.47 millimeter. Within femoral triangle this artery run  inferior medially, anterior to femoral vein and superior to saphenous opening, then downward and turn back to the lateral with enclosed the right femoral vein  and descend to the adductor canal. As running behind to the femoral vein and before piercing the adductor canal this profunda femoris gives off its branches, the deep external pudendal, medial circumflex femoral, first perforating branch and first perforating branch from superior to inferior respectively. The dissection go on adductor canal and reveal the third and the fourth perforating branches.


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