Hemangiopericytoma of Soft Tissue with Hepatic Metastasis : A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

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Supinda Koonmee
Trai Wongsiri
Darunee Jintakanon


Background : Hemangiopericytoma is the one type of soft tissue sarcomas. This is very rare and uncommon type of tumor. So The surgeon and another doctor should be reminded  to  keep  in  mind.

Objective : To  report  a  case  of metastastic hemangiopericytoma metastasized from  the  right  inguinal  region  to  the  liver  in  12  years.

Design : Retrospective study by review of  170,000 cases  medical records and pathological study.

Setting : Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen province.

Result : We reported a case of a 68-year old female who was initially diagnosed with hemangioperocytoma of soft tissue at her right  inguinal  region  which was surgically excised. However twelve years later in July 2003, a tumor mass was discovered in her liver which the histology  is  characterized  mostly similar to the earlier right inguinal  tumor. Thus we diagnosed the patient  with metastatic hemangiopericytoma in the liver. Two years after the removal of the tumor, she has no  evidence of the other metastasis or recurrence. Twenty two cases of extracranial metastasis of hemangiopericytomatous meningioma  to  the  liver, lung, kidney, and stomach have been reported in the literature, but hepatic resections of this metastasizing tumor have been very rare.

Conclusion : We  reported  the  very  rare  case  of  histopathologically – proven  metastasized  hemangiopericytoma  from  the  right  inguinal  region  to  the  liver.

Key words : Hemangiopericytoma ; Hepatic metastasis ; Spindle cell tumor ; Liver tumor. liver


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