Achievement in Personality and Ethics Development 1st year medical student, 1994 Academic year.

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Narumon Sinsupan
Chalor Intarakhao
Udomsak Mahaweerawat
Srinoi Maskasame
Wutipong Limviroj
Surapon Wiangnon
Onanong Aranysen
Apichat Jiravuttipong
Faakjit Khunurat
Orranong Yenkasame


  1. To establish and develop personality in order to promote good leadership and member the essential merit and ethics that correlate to the social needs of students.
  2. To build up and create appropriate values in Thai society among the students themselves especially in terms of unity, affection and a sense of belonging to each other and to the Academic Institute.
  3. To develop the students in terms of Social, Emotional & Moral behaviour so that they can adapt to the new society.
  4. Build up the sensitivity and responsibility of students society and to the country after graduation.

Methods – Assigning the students to attend the 2 night camp,s activities.  There was an Analysis lecture of the present situation, social problems and human behaviour.  There was a video show about the Developemtn trends or the ‘new life’ Community Development.  Example of development experiences, leadership and human relations were raised.  There was a planning group meeting, arranging a project, self and family development activities,  The proposal of group and other activities from evaluation by collective observations, interviews and questionaires.  It has been found that to accomplish the target object.  The students program needed to be supplemented & develop in order to get better personality, leadership and member, good merit & ethics in society.  Appropriate values had to be emphasized such as unity, affection, relationships with one another, a price in the institute, adaptation to colleaques and the environment.  These values also include the feeling of responsibility for society that effect the entire country in the future.

The recommendation from students and lecturers who attended this program is that it should have there activities for the 2 nd year and the 3 rd year students and there should be a chane of locations for demonstration.  The suggested place should be within a walking distance to the campus and provide proper accommodation and a conference room.  Interesting & effective media should be used.  There main meals should be arranged and the light meal or snack could be reduced.  Public relations procedure should be advertised throughroughly and lecturers should participate in the activities, The evaluation should be done regularly so as to adjust and improve the weak points and consequently become the faculty policy Further more.  The academic program should include the merit and ethical teaching and the supplementary activities should be continuously administered until graduation.


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