The Factors effecting an acceptance of herbal treatment.

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Somsong Na Nakorn
Amornrat Ratanasiri
Piyaporn Sansila
Kaewjai Kumsuk


The main objectives of the survey research which performed by interviewing with structural questionnaire, were to study the knowledge, opinion, experience about 5 kid of herbs utilizing in Phon community hospital and toanalyse the factors effecting an acceptance of herbal treatment.
It revealed that “Aloe” is the most known-herb among those 5 kinds. Curcuma Longa Linn. (“Kamin chan”) is the most frequently use by the subject themselves. 77.1 percents of those subject had an opinion that herbsis the same curative efficiency as modern drugs.  Over fifty percents of them had ever received knowledge about herbs from health personals, relatives, neighbourand mass media.
The analysis of factor effecting an acceptance of herbal treatment found that the following factors significantly influence :- beliefs in herbal curative efficiency; receiving advice from the health personnel’s; receiving advice from relatives/neighbor; receiving advice from mass media and the last is the way they know that physician prescribed herbs for them.


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