Endometriosis in Srinagarind Hospital

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Srisuda Thailert
Pisake Lumbiganon
Metha Songthamwattana


Background : Endometriosis is a relatively relatively common gynecological  condition. There  was no report  related to the prevalence and description in the  northeast region of Thailand.

Objective : 1.To assess the prevalence of endometriosis in inpatient unit of Obstetric – Gynecology department of Srinagarind hospital. 2. To assess the characteristics of endometriotic patients regarding clinical manifestations, results of investigations, modalities of treatment and results.

Design : A descriptive study.

Setting : Srinagarind hospital, Khon Kaen University. Subjects : 3,626 gynecologic patients who were admitted to Srinagarind  hospital from January 1 , 1991 to  December 31, 1992.

Main  Outcome Measures : The prudent indicators  used  in  this  study  were  the  prevalence  of  endometriosis,  ties  and  result  of  treatment.

Results: The prevalence  of  endometriosis in Srinagarind  hospital during the study  period  was 8.6%  which consisted  of 3.1%  endometriosis externa, 3.1% adenomyosis , 0.8% combined  and 1.6% with  other diseases. In  the  adenomyosis group,  this study  revealed  the  mean age of  43.9 years.   The  most  common  presenting  symptoms were  abnormal  vaginal bleeding (42.9%), chronic pelvic  pain (33.9%)  and dysmenorrheal (21.4%). Most of  the  patients  were treated  by  hysterectome. The results  of  therapy  were good, 99.1%  of patients had no symptoms and  normal  pelvic  examination. In the endometriosis externa  group,  this  study  revealed  the  mean  age  of 32.5 years,  most  of  patients (54.4%) were nullipara. The most  common  presenting  symptoms  were infertility (46.5%) and  dysmenorrheal (44.7%). Most of the pathology were found  in  ovaries (52.6%) . forty  two percents  of  the patients were treated  by  surgery,  in which  74.2% were conservative surgery.  Other  patients  were treated  by  hormonat  therapy  and  combined  hormonal – surgical therapy in 30.7% and 15.8% respectively. Most of the  patients (76.3%) were lost follow  up.

Conclusions : Endometriosis is  a  common  disease  in  Gynecologic  inpatient  unit  of  Srinagarind  hospital. The results of  therapy  especially  in  adenomyosis group was  quite effective but  there  was  a  high  rate  of  lost  follow  up in endometriosis externa  group  so  the success  rate  of  treatment  could  not   be  accurately evaluated.


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