Birth Prevalence of neural Tube Defects at Srinagarind Hospital, 1988-1996

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Thawalwong Ratanasiri
Ekachai Piensriwatchara
Witoon prasertcharoensuk
Ratana Komwilaisak


Background : Prevalence of births with neural tube defect varies geographically. There is no information about this  issue in Srinagarind  Hospital

Objective : To determine  trends  in birth  prevalence of neural tube  defects at  Srinagarind  Hospital  during  19881996 and  clinical  characteristics  of  affected  pregnancies.

Design : A  retrospective descriptive  study.

Setting : Department  of  Obstetrics   and  Gynecology,  Faculty  of medicine,   Srinagarind  Hospital,  Khon  Kaen University.

Subjects : All  44  births  affected  by  neural  tube   defects  from  45,350 total  in  1988-1996.

Main outcome measures : birth  prevalence of  individual and all nural  tube defects.

Results : Among 44 cases of  neural tube defects, there were 38 cases of anencephaly, 4 cases of cephalocele and 2 cases of spina bifida.  Birth prevalence of neural tube defects was 0.97/1,000 total births with no upward or down ward  trend. Birth prevalence of anencephaly, cephalocele and spina bifida were 0.84, 0.09 and 0.04/1,000 total births respectively. Mean gestatinal age at  delivery was 38 weeks and 22.7% of all  neural tube defects were undiagnosed prenatally.

Conclusion : Birth  prevalence of neural tube defects at Srinagarind hospital remained relatively stable. To enhance the fall in birth prevalence, the prenatal screening program for neural tube defects such as routine second trimester ultrasonographic screening should be established in the future.

Key words : neural tube defects, birth  prevalence


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Ratanasiri T, Piensriwatchara E, prasertcharoensuk W, Komwilaisak R. Birth Prevalence of neural Tube Defects at Srinagarind Hospital, 1988-1996. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 20 [cited 2022 Oct. 3];12(3):139-43. Available from:
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