Surveying of Drug Information desire and Information Source in (Public) Hospitals in Khan Kaen Province

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Wanwilai Tungsateanrapap
Prasert Rengpinit
Trithape Phongtong


Background  : Reasons of inappropriate drug  uses is hospitals are the lacks of proper drug information ressonces service direction of the Drug information service unit in many hospitals. In formation  unit to collect prope drug database in order to supply information if requested.

Objective  : To evaluate the current data sources used in hospital and to survey a need of drug information database in hospitals.

Design  : Descriptive survey study.

Setting  : All hospitals which are affiliated in Public Health Minister, in Khon Kaen province.

Subject  : Hospital unit phamarcists who work longer than one year and work in drug information service.

Result  : The study in 17 hospitals showed that most hospital use textbooks in pharmacy department and textbooks in hospital library as data sources. If an enquiry could not be answered by available sources in a hospital, then pharmacist consulted pharmacists in Khan Kaen hospital (47.18%), own-pharmacist textbooks (29.41%)  or pharmacists in neighbor hospitals (23.53%). Almost all hospitals in this study had not enough data sources to cover all 12 categories of enquiry (94.12%). Most pharmacists (64.71% ) replied that they had not enough data sources for the drug information services. The drug information that pharmacists required most were drug dosage and administration, drug used in pregnancy and lactation, and therapeutic use and efficacy. They also replied that they would liked to receive information material monthly as a continuing education program (94.12%)


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