Simple Applied Apparatus for High Volume,Low Pressure Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Measurement with Accptance of Nurse at Srinagarind Hospital

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Pumpuang Kingsungwal
Chaichana Sinkuakool
Thippawan Muknumpoon
Winita Jeerararuensak
Kanchana Uppan


Background : Inaccurate  intracuff pressure of endotracheal  tube  (with measurements being too high or too low)  is the main cause of respiratory complications in intubated patients, such  as aspiration, tidal volume leakage, tracheal is chemia,  necrosis  or  stenosis.  Subjective  assessments  by  physicians  or  nurses  have  very  low  reliability  and  are  inaccurate.  Objective  measurements  are  more  reliable,  can  reduce  respiratory  complication  and  should  be  the  standard   method  used.

Objective :  To  increase  awareness  among  nureses  of  the  complications  of  inaccurate  intracuff  pressure  assessments;  to  encourage  the  use  by  nurese  of  a  simple  apparatus  that  provides  more  accrate  measurements ;  and  to  encourage  the  use  of  this  method  as  a  standard  procedure  for  intubated  patient.

Design :  Descriptive  study..

Setting :  Srinagarind  Hospital,  Faculty  of  Medicine,  Khon  Kaen  University.

Subjects :  157 of  289  nurese  (54.3%)  who  cared  for  intubated  patients  between  1  September  1997  and  30  April  1998.

Meawurements:  Date  were  collected  by  questionnaires  before  and  after  group  meetings  in  which  intracuff  pressure  measurements  using  a  simple  apparatus  were  demonstrated.  The  data  were  presented  as  percentages  and  means.

Results :  84.1%  of  nurses  accepted  and  agreed  to  use  a  new  method.  93.6%  of  them  accepted  the  method  for  routine  nursing  care.

Conclusions :  A  large  mafority  of  nurses  accepted the  objective  measurements  instead  of  their  previous  subjective  assessments  and  thought  that  they  should  be  the  standard  method  for  routine  nursing  care.  The  objective  method  can  prevent  or  reduce  respiratory  complications  in  intubated  patients.

Key  words :  High  volume  low  pressure  endotracheal  tube  cuff,  Intracuff  pressure,  Measurement,  Apparatus.


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