Transcrectal Ultrasonography : First Experience in Srinagarind Hosptial

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Childa Aphinives
Pochavit Aphinives
Kajit Pacheerat
Pakawa Chansiri
Jiraporn Srinakarin
Eimorn Mairiang


Objective : To study the usage of transrectal ultrasonography

Design: Prospective, descriptive study

Setting : Ultrasonography room and Surgical OPD, Srinagarind hosptial, of Medicine, Khon Kaen University

Subjects : Patients who had problem of prostate gland between November 1997 and September 1998

Data collection : Protocol Measurement : Descriptive statistics, including number, means, and percentages

Results : There were 34 patients.  Their age ranged from 29 to 85 years (means 59.48 years). Ultrasonography

Diagnoses were the same as the clinical diagnoses in every case.  Most ultrasonography diagnoses were similar to final diagnoses, except 4 cases.  Instead of BPH, one case was prostatic abscess, two cases were prostatitis, and the last was prostatic cancer.

Conclusions: Transrectal ultrasonography had high efficiency to examine the pelvic organs, esp. prostate gland. Instead of blind biopsy, trransrectal ultrasonography provided visual biopsy of prostate gland.

Keywords: (1) Transrectal

(2) Ultrasonography


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