Overdenture supported by dental implant into vascularized fibular bone graft

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Watcharee Suwannasom


Background : Overdenture supported by dental implant was the acceptable and predictable treatment to enhance retention and stability of dental prosthesis.  This article described the use of two separated implants with stud attachments supported overdenture following mandibular reconstruction with vasculalized fibular bone graft.

Objective : To study installation of two separated implants into fibular bone in order to support overdenture.

Design : Descriptive study

Setting : Dental Department of Srinagarind Hospital.

Result : The clinical result was satisfied.  The overdenture supported by dental implant into fibular bone could improved oral function by enhancing retention and stability of the denture.  One year  e xamination presented no bone destruction around implant fixtures and upper natural teeth.

Conclusion : Overdenture supported by dental implant for patient in whom retention Problem, especially patient with mandibular reconstruction was the treatment option to improve both functional and mental status.  Furthermore two seperated implant with stud attachments was alternative treament with simplified technice and less costly.

Keywords :            (1) Bone graft

(2) Dental implant

(3) Overdenture


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