The Growth of Premature Babies Effected from Stimulating by Music

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Parichart Suksawangrote
Poontaree Pounsuwan
Krisna Lertsukprasert


Back ground: Music is a one of harmony part of life which can be use to communicate universal languages, especially the communication of emotion and feeling. Music is the communication of soul, that cannot express completely in the form of the human speech, Music also maintain the world life from the beginning to the end and support the development of human from newborn till adult.

Method: Experimental method

Objective: The study was designed to study the growth of premature babies effected by stimulation of music. It was performed in ward 2 c. at Srinagarind Hospital Khon Kaen University

Parameter: weight, length, head circumference of the subject.

Statistic Analysis: Data were analysis by SPSS/PC+ program and EPI INFO program. Statistic is T-test.

Sample: The sample sizes were 68 premature babies which were 31-33 weeks for gestation age, weight 1,000-1,500 grams, no infection, no abnormalarity, age between 10-24 days and admitted ward 2 c. Srinagarind Hospital Khon Kaen University from 1st April 1995 to 30th April 1996. These sample were sampling by simple random for 2 group.

Result: Mean of weight in premature babies were difference between the experimental group and the control group with significant at p.=0.046 level. Mean of weight the experimental group more than the control group but: Mean of length and Mean of head circumference were not difference.

Conclusion: Nurse should set the special program for activating the hearidity of premature babies by applying music accompany with other nursing, this process can develop the better quality of nursing.


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