Speech and Language Problems in Cleft Palate

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Benjamas Prathanee


There are several speech and language problems in cleft lip and palate children following these :-  1) delayed speech and language development due to hearing loss, mental subnormality, attention deficits, inadequate environment and learning disability. 2) speech disorders : 2.1) articulation disorders due to abnormality of oral structure and function, also compensatory mechanism 2.2) resonance disorders : hypernasality, nasal emission, hyponasality 3) voice disoreders : hoarseness, breathiness, soft voice, monotone, strangled voice due to compensatory of abnormality of oral structure and function. Treatment are emphasized in prevention and correction the residual problems :- 3-6 months : parent education; 12-36 months : speech and language stimulation, and 36+ months : speech-language remediation and intensive stimulation-remediation. Speech therapy is the first priority to solve problems following surgery and prosthesis.



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