Biliary atresia : The example cases in surgical treatment


  • Monthon Mekanantawat
  • Suchart Aremitra
  • Sumitr Sutra
  • Pensri Kosuwon
  • Vinai Tantiyasawasdikul


We reported 2 example cases of biliary atresia. Both of them had clinical cholestasis jaundice in late neonatal period, and passed clinical evaluation process. We found that intraoperative cholangiography reveal pathology clearly before the definite surgery-hepatic portoenterostomy or Kasai’s operation-which performed at 58 days and 108 days of age respectively. The first case recovered completely within age of 7 months. And the second case had biliary cirrhosis. The pathology was too far for surgery to treat her disease.


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Mekanantawat M, Aremitra S, Sutra S, Kosuwon P, Tantiyasawasdikul V. Biliary atresia : The example cases in surgical treatment. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 22 [cited 2024 May 28];16(4):302-5. Available from: