Health Seeking Behavior for Musculoskeletal Pain of People in Chiang Yun District, Mahasarakham Province.

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Kingkaew Ketkowit
Witat janposri
jaruwan Chokkanapitak
Pornwipa Deesri
Prasert Thavondunstid


Background : Background : Musculoskeleta pain   is  a  major   problem  in  health.  To know  the  villagers’  seeking  behavior  will  help  understand  the  thinking  system,  beliefs,  and  the  patterns  of  treatment  of  people  and  will  be   beneficial  in  developing  the  health  system.

Objective : This  research  was  aimed  too study  health  seeking   behavior   for  musculoskeletal   pain  of  villager  laborers  and  seniors

Method :  a  cross-sectional  descriptive  study and  collecting  qualitative   data

Setting :  Chiang  Yun  District,  Mahasarakham  Province.

Results :  It  was  found  that  most  people  used  2  stages  in  seeking  health  care  for  musculoskeletal  pain,  both mild  and  severe  pain,  but  the  proportion  of   health  seeking  in  the  second  stage  of  severe  pain  was  higher  than  mild  pain.  About  65.9%  (95% CI : 60.0-71.9)  of  severe  pain  used   the  second  stage  while  the  mild  pain  used  only  56.8%  (95% CI : 50.9-61.9).  The  three  patterns  of  treatment  often  used  in  mild  pain  were  the  following ;  a)  from  massage  to  self – medication  to  folk  healer,  c) from  folk  healer  to  self-medication. For severe  pain,  the  three  patterns  often  used   were   the  following ;  a)  from  massage  to  self-medication,  b)from  community  hospital  to  private  clinic,  c) from  self-medication  to community  hospital.

Keyword : health  seeking  behavior,  musculoskeletal  pain


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