Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment Syndrome : A Literature Review and Case Report in Srinagarind Hospital

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Surut Jianmongkol
Weerachai Kosuwon
Sermasa Sumanont


Background :  The suprascauplar nerve entrapment syndr9ome is not a common disease in Srinagarind hospital. The patient with the synptom of the shoulder pain should be re-evaluated if the clinical mainfestation was not responded to the previous treatment because the clinical sign such as the atrophy of the muscle will be present later.  Therefore, the thorughness  of the physical examination is the essential clue for the diagnosis of this condition.

Objective : To review the literature and remind the clinican who had the patient with shoulder pain to carefully evaluate the patient especially the patient who had proviously failed the medical treatment.

Design : Case report and a literature review.

Setting : Srinagarind hospital.

Conclusions : The patient had the symptom of the right shoulder pain which was not responded to the medial treatment, physiotherapy and the acupuncture treatment.  He came to out clinic and we found that he had the syndr9ome of the right suprascapular nerve entrapment.  We carried out the operation and found the lipoma compressed the nerve at eht spinoglenoid notch which was one of the common path9ologies.  After the mass removal, his symptoms had been gradually improved and he gained a good recovery.  He can return to the heavy duty within six months after surgery.  We would like to emphasize that the careful examinations of the patient with the should pain is the most important way to diagnose the diseases around the shoulder.


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