Risk Factors for Birth Asphyxia In Kalasin Hospital

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Bunpode Suwannachat




Birth  asphyxia is an important cause of perinatal death. The causes of birth asphyxia are mostly due to the  processes during labor that may be prevented to reduce birth asphyxia and mortality of  the infant


To determine risk factors for birth asphyxia

Study design

Case control study


Obstetric and Gynecology department of Kalasin Hospital.


Cases were 159 newborns with 1-minute Apgar score of  7 or less, Controls were 318 newborns with 1-minute  Apgar score of more than 7,deliveried before and after each case.  All babies were deliveried in Kalasin Hospital between October 2001 and December 2002.


Socio-economic factors, antepartum factors, intrapartum factors, fetal factors, were analysed with univariate  analysis and multiple logistic regression analysis.


The incidence of birth asphyxia  was 36.1 per 1000 live births.  Factors significantly  associated with birth asphyxia included pregnancy induced hypertension (OR 26.81,  95% CI  6.44, 111.61),   breech presentation(OR 23.19,  95% CI  2.64, 203.54),  abnormal of electronic fetal monitoring (OR 8.3,  95% CI  3.08, 22.34),  cephalopelvic disproportion(OR 8.10,  95% CI  2.97, 22.20),  gestational age 28-32 weeks(OR 5.30,  95% CI  1.32, 21.22),  Cesarean section (OR 3.87,  95% CI  1.94, 7.68),   gestational age 33-36 weeks (OR 3.29,  95% CI  1.13, 9.52) , birth weight  less than 2500 grams (OR 3.17,  95% CI  1.25,8.06),   education £ 6th grade(OR 3.09,  95% CI  1.60, 5.95).


Risk factors for birth asphyxia included socio-economic factors, antepartum factors, intrapartum factors, fetal factors. The hospital will use this information in developing interventions to reduce birth asphyxia

Key  word

Risk factor,  birth asphyxia


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