Formative Evaluation for the fifth Year Medical Student in Clinical Radiology by Pre-test and Post test

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Chalida Aphinives
Eimorn Mairiang
Jiraporn Srinakarin
Jitjaroen Chaiyakum
Petcharakorn Hanpanich
Jureerat Thammaroj
Benjaporn Nitinavakarn


Background: Evaluation is one of the essential parts of education.  Before the academic year 2003, only final examination was used to evaluate students’ knowledge in Department of

Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.

Objective: To compare students’ knowledge in diagnostic radiology between pre-

and post-learning periods.

Subject and Method: All the fifth-year medical students in the academic year 2003 were divided

into 12 groups (10-15 per group), total 156 students.  Each group rotated to attend in

diagnostic radiology for 2 weeks.  Each student was evaluated by pre- and post-tests

which were the same test.

Result: One hundred and fifty-two students (97.43%) showed improvement in their

knowledge.  The average score of the pre-test was 6.8, while that of the post-test

was 10.91.  There was no relationship between the score and final grade, except 4 students who got same score from the tests.  They also got low score from the final examination, both

theory and practice sections.

Conclusion: Students had more knowledge in diagnostic radiology after learning.


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