Knowledge and Understanding of Patients to Special Instructions on Drug Zip Bags

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Ratchadaporn Soontornpas
Chedsada Nopwinyoowong
Cheardchai Soontornpas


Background and objectives: Department of Pharmacy Service, Srinagarind Hospital has provided 19 types of drug zip bag with different instructions so that the patient can read and understand the instruction for drug use by themselves. This study was aimed to explore the knowledge and understanding of patients about special instructions on drug zip bags.

Method: This study was a prospective descriptive study performed in patients who underwent outpatient pharmacy service at Srinagarind Hospital during 15 August to 15 September 2012. Structural questionnaires were used data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and presented in terms of frequency and percentage.

Result: There were 400 patients recruited into this study. The respondents were both males (36.2%) and females (63.8%). Before drug use, most of patients (88.0%) read either labels about instruction for use or special instructions on the drug zip bags but 12.0% of patients read only the labels. Most of patients (84.3%) knew that Srinagarind Hospital had many types of drug zip bags and 86.0% of patients knew that different drug zip bags contained different instructions. In part of drug use, 95.3% of patients always read and 95.5% of patients always followed special instructions on the drug zip bags. In part of knowledge and understanding, data were analyzed with 9 types of drug zip bags. Correct answer about how to take medicine were mostly (96.2%) found in patients with label “Take it before bedtime” and correct answer about special instruction were mostly found (25.0%) in patients with drug zip bag P10 (Antithrombotic drug). In part of other recommendation, patients suggested that the drug zip bags should provide informations about indication (52.1%), side effect (18.4%) and expiration date (17.6%).

Conclusion: Most patients read the label and special instructions on the drug zip bags and understood how to use drug properly. However, they lack of understanding about detail in special instructions. Most patients were still need more information particularly information about indication of drug.

Keyword: Knowledge, Understanding, Special instruction, Drug Zip Bags


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