Effect of Health Promotion Program in Food Consumption and Exercise Behavior Modification by the Application of Promotion Motivation Theory and Social Support for Overweight Prevention among the Sixth - Grade Students in

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Apinya Uttarachai
Pannee Banchonhattakit


Background and Objectives: Childhood overweight is a problem for the health of children. Because children overweight more likely to be obese in adulthood. Overweight also lead to complications such as obesity  diabetes   hypertension. Overweight is a very dangerous. This study aimed to investigate the effects of using effect of  health   promotion   program  in  food  consumption  and exercise behavior  modification  by the  application   of  promotion  motivation  theory and  social  support   for  overweight  prevention  among   the   six Grade students  in  Khon Kkaen  municipality.  

Methods: The study is quasi-experimental study. The sample sixth grade students of Khon Kaen Municipality. Divided into experimental group and the comparison group consisted of 32 patients. The experimental group received a program to promote dietary behavior and physical activity to prevent overweight using motivation theory to prevent social support for twelve weeks. Assessed using a questionnaire before and after the experiment. Estimate of the average score of the experimental group had average knowledge. Perceived severity. Perceived risk. Expectations in their own ability. Priorities in practice the efficiency scores are higher than the experimental and comparison groups are statistically significant.

 Resulth:  The experimental group had an average score of knowledge, perceived severity, perceived risk, expectations of their own abilities, expectation of effectiveness and ways to practice, higher than before  statistically significantly experiment and higher than the comparison groups (p<0.05).

Conclusion:  Health   promotion   program  in  food  consumption  and exercise behavior  modification    for  overweight  prevention. Help to prevent overweight than before treatment, and better than the comparison group.

Keywords: Health education program, Protection motivation theory, Overweight


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