Achievement in National Licensing Examination Steps I and II of Khon Kaen Medical Students from Various Programs

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Pranom Buppasiri
Piyathida Kuhiranratn
Chulapan Engchanil
Pungpayom Kaewpila
Sirinan Sila-on
Thongchai Pratipanawatr


Background and objective: Passing National Licensing Examination (NL) is required for assuring and standardization of medical students before graduation. Medical students must pass all 3 steps of examination before doing medical practice. Currently, Khon Khon medical school enrolled students in many programs which various backgrounds. This study aimed to determine achievement in NL steps I and II of medical students from various programs.

Methods: National licensing examination steps I and II scores of the same groups of medical students in academic year 2007 ( doing step I examination in 2009, and step II in 2011) from various programs were reviewed. The programs included special quota of Khon Kaen University -MD 001, Joint program between Office of the Higher Education Commission - MD02, Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctor- CPIRD, One District One Doctor- ODOD, Excellence in English- MDX, Joint program with Consortium of Thai Medical Schools- COTMES, Graduation from Bachelor Degree-Med 5 years, and direct admission from Entrance Examination- ADMISSION.

ResultsThere were 278 students from 280 sit for national licensing examination step I and 248 from 249 for step II examination. Both steps I and II examinations composed of 300 multiple choice questions which awarded 300 scores per examination. Passing rate in steps I and II were 74.1% and 99.2% respectively. In  step I examination, students in program MD 001 had the highest mean scores (67.8%) while in ODOD program had the lowest (55.3%) , (p < 0.001). In step II examination, the result was repeated; students in program MD 001 had the highest mean scores (70.2%) while in ODOD program had the lowest (61.9%). The average scores in step II examination was statistical significant higher than  step I examination (p < 0.001).   The correlation of achievement steps I and II was 0.693 (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Achievement in national licensing examination step I was moderate but in step II was high.

Keywords: National licensing examination, Medical students


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