Factors affecting Length of Stay More Than 4 Hours in the Emergency Department of Srinagarind Hospital

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Kamonwon Ienghong


Background and Objective: Length of stay in emergency department (ED LOS) is a key measurement of emergency department (ED) throughput and a marker of overcrowding. To clarify factors associated with ED LOS are a potentially useful tool to improve the quality of patient care and decrease emergency department overcrowding. 

Methods: The study was cross-sectional analytical study. It was done in emergency department, Srinagarind hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, during 1-31th May 2012. Investigator reviewed the records of 4068 data by using Accidental and Emergency department information system (AEIS). Multiple Logistic regression analysis was performed to determine which factors were most strongly associated with ED LOS more than four hours in Srinagarind hospital.

Result:  There were a total of 4,678 patients in emergency department. The risk factors for spending over 4 hours in emergency department were patient disposition; requiring admission (OR 4.171,95% CI 3.314, 5.251), investigation (OR 2.447,95% CI 2.203, 2.944), Triage level; urgent  (OR 2.284) and less emergent (OR 2.210)

Conclusion: Patient disposition especially admission, investigation and triage level were mainly factors leading to longer periods in emergency department. Further study should be done to explore in each factor to find appropriate solutions.


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