Fingerprint Pattern Similarity and Minutiae of Thai Twins

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Wanwimol Panpeng
Somsong Na Nakorn


Background and Objectives: Objectives of this study were to investigate a similarity of fingerprint pattern types and minutiae of Thai twins.

Methods:  Fingerprinting was of 100 twin pairs in Thailand (200 subjects; male = 71, female = 129). The twins were informed and gave consent prior to printing their finger tips using a transparent adhesive tape technique.

Results: Subjects were classified into 64 identical-twin pairs and 36 non-identical twin pairs according to the criteria of biological and similarity measures. The fingerprint pattern were identified and classified based on the US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is commonly used in a forensic examination into eight types as follows: plain whorl, central pocket loop whorl, double loop whorl, accidental whorl, radial loop, ulnar loop, plain arch and tented arch. Results reveal that proportions of the eight fingerprint pattern types on ten fingers between identical-twin pairs and non-identical twin pairs are not significantly different (LRc2=11.785, df=6, p=0.068). For example, identical-twins had 57.80% ulnar loops, and 29.0% plain whorls compared to 56.40% and 29.70% for those of non-identical twins, respectively. Comparison of the same type of finger pairs in the match between the pair of fingers. Analytical overview of the similarities of the fingerprints, 8 showed that identical-twins have the fingerprint very similar to the percentage 79.06 and the non-identical twins   have the fingerprints of the same percentage, 58.88 for the same type of sensor. The average minutiae of the twins, as identical-twins are non-identical twins. The results showed that the difference is statistically significant (t = -2.377, df = 197, p = 0.018) are not significantly different between the minutiae of the identical-twins as non-identical twins.

Conclusions: Test results are not statistically significant different types of fingerprint Ten inches between identical-twins are non-identical twins. However, the different types of fingerprints and the special features . Between the gender of the twins .


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