The Development and Satisfaction Survey of Smoke-Free Community Network Online Service (SFC-NOS): Phase I

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Cholada Chaikoolvatana
Anun Chaikoolvatana
Nawaporn Saisingh
Anuchit Singkham
Sakarat Worraratkul
Anon Toomrin


Background and objectives : Smoke-Free Community Network Online Service (SFC-NOS) for smoking cessation was developed during 2008 to 2010.  It aimed to be an alternative for those seekers looking for quit smoking.  Nevertheless, there still were technical limitations related to its functions and servers. As a result, the program was aimly modified later by adding Smoke-Free Community website to share experience in quit smoking among smokers, and seek the proper way of smoking cessation.  Additionally, Facebook and Twitter were also implemented into the program.  Moreover, the satisfaction survey of SFC-NOS was also evaluated. 

Methods : It was an exploratory study.  Totally, there were 80 university volunteers underwent SFC-NOS sessions.  They were requested to undergo the SFC-NOS website containing information related to 1) dangers of cigarette smoking, 2) news, campaign activities of tobacco control, 3) self-interactive multimedia programs, 4) smoking cessation strategies, 5) Chat-room for online counseling, 6) web-board.  Then, volunteers were asked to fill out the questionnaire paper related to the satisfaction of SFC-NOS. There were totally 20 questionnaire items asked to rate from strongly  agreed (5) to strongly disagreed (1). All data was analyzed via descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, SD, percentage).

Results : Most volunteers were males (65%), aged between 19 and 25 (50%), and were undergraduates (57.50%). The volunteers came with some experience in various types of information technologies including, computer, graphic, multimedia as well as word processing.  Regarding attitudes towards SFC-NOS, the findings revealed overall the favorable attitudes were given to SFC-NOS via volunteers.  They stated for example, “the program was easy to use” (56.25%), “web design was creative” (85%), “essential information was available” (73.75%), “self-interactive multimedia programs were well functioning” (88.75%).  Additionally, mean scores of SFC-NOS satisfaction in various aspects were in “good levels”

Conclusions : Overall, the modified SFC-NOS was received positive responses from the volunteers.  Positive attitudes were given towards the SFC-NOS including, its functions, web design, information related to smoking cessation.  In the future, SFC-NOS will be widely advertised to the public and the deep analysis of smoking behaviors among the risk groups as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of the program will later be investigated.


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