Aplastic Anemia during Pregnancy: A Case Report

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Sunya Prabripootalung
Somchai Insiripong


Aplastic anemia developing during pregnancy is very rare disease and its mechanism of pathogenesis has not been clearly understood. Our case report is the 28-year-old woman who develops pancytopenia at her gestational age of 28 weeks of the first pregnancy with cellularity of 15% in the bone marrow. She has had no severe bleeding or infection during the course of pregnancy and she has been treated with regular blood transfusion to keep the hemoglobin level of 9 g% every month with FBC, folic acid, methycobal. The pregnancy and the fetus can be kept well in spite of pancytopenia without bleeding or infection until 36 weeks of gestation and then she loses follow-up. Because of the rarity of the condition, there has been no definite guideline, just the opinion from the experts to terminate the pregnancy if it happens in the first half but keep on pregnancy with symptomatic treatment if it develops in the second half of pregnancy. After delivery, the minority of the patients can achieve partial remission while most cases need further treatments.


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