Effect of Promoting Ascetic Exercise Program for Elderly Group by Applying Self Efficacy Theory and Social Support in Namphong Districes, Khonkaen Province

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Siriporn Sanithnid
Pannee Banchonhattakit


Background and Objectives: The development of a person's ability to recognize their own potential to achieve the desired goals is important. The aim of this study was to study the effect of promoting Ascetic exercise program for elderly group by applying self efficacy theory and social support.

Methods: It was a quasi-experimental design. The sample consisted of the elderly aged 60-75 years, divided into experimental group and comparison group which consisted of 33 people each group. The research intervention took 3 months. The experimental group received the promoting Ascetic exercise program which was composed of various activities including lecture, group discussion, real model use, exercise demonstration and practice, manual distribution, exhibition arrangement, and home visit. The data were collected by questionnaires. The general data were analyzed by descriptive statistics including percentage, mean, standard deviation, maximum and minimum value. The comparative data was analyzed by Independent t-test statistic and Paired sample t-test.

Results: The study result was found that the knowledge of Ascetic exercise, expectation of self efficacy, expectation of result, performance in Ascetic exercise after the experiment, the experimental group had a higher average than before the experiment and higher than the comparison group significantly (p< 0.01).

Conclusion: Effect of promoting Ascetic exercise program by applying self efficacy theory and social support could change exercise behavior for the elderly group.


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