The Relationship between Basic Conditioning Factors and Self-Care Agency of the Hospitalized Elderly Patients with Cancer in Nursing Care Department

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Chintana Suwittawat
Sritian Trisirirat
Nitchatorn Panomai


Background and Objective: Nowadays, the potential of the hospitalized elderly patients with  cancer have focused on the self-care agency . The individuals normal or illness in any age needed the self-care agency.This study was carried out to determine  the self-care agency of the hospitalized elderly patients with  cancer and the relationship between basic conditioning factors and self-care agency.

Methods:This study was a correlation study.  The sample consisted of eighty hospitalized elderly cancer ous patients  aged 60-79 years in  Nursing Care department, Srinagarind hospital. Data were collected using  an Personal Information Forms to determine socio-demographic features and Self-Care Agency Scale to measure the self-care agency.  Socio-demographic data were analyzed by using maximum, minimum, frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.Correlation between  basic conditioning factors. Self-care  agency were analyzed by using Chi-square tests, and Pearson’ s Product moment correlation coefficient.

Results : The hospitalized  elderly patients with  cancer were in the moderate level  of self-care agency. There was, statistically significant, a positive correlation (r=.188, p = 0.049)   between self-care agency and income.

Conclusion : The self-care agency of the hospitalized  elderly patients with  cancer  were in the moderate level  ,  income were statistically significantly correlated with the self-care agency.


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