Pregnancy Outcomes in Nurse and Nursing Assistant

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Neranchana Sumsrisuwan
Kiattisak Kongwattanakul
Piyamas Saksiriwuttho


Objective: To explore the pregnancy outcomes in nurse and nursing assistant in Srinagarind hospital and to determine work-related risk factors that associated with preterm birth.

Methods: This was a prospective descriptive study. Pregnancy outcomes and occupational exposures from 361 participants (572 pregnancies) of nurse and nursing assistant in Srinagarind hospital was collected by questionnaire and show by percentage with 95% confidence interval [CI]. The authors used logistic regression to analyse the risk factors of preterm birth. Main outcomes were pregnancy adverse outcomes, preterm birth, low birth weight, Cesarean section, preterm PROM, gestational HT and work-related risk factors associated with preterm birth.

Results: Nurse and nursing assistant had Cesarean section of 28.97%; 95%CI, 0.253-0.328, preterm birth prevalence of 21.15%; 95%CI, 0.17-0.24, low birth weight of 7.87%; 95%CI, 0.05-0.10, preterm PROM of 5.03%; 95%CI, 0.033-0.071 and gestational HT of 1.72%; 95%CI, 0.008-0.031. The authors found that shift works and underlying diseases were associated with the preterm birth.

Conclusions: Preterm birth was the most significant adverse outcome in nurse and nursing assistant. Shift work was the most significant work-related risk factor for preterm birth.


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