Sufficient Knowledge for using Common over-the-Counter Drug in 1st Year Medical Students, Khon Kaen University 2014 Academic Year

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Jittrapon Putsri
Janpen Bamrungthai
Chanyathip Boonsawat
Montita Sutummalit
Sorawit Tangamornsathit
Nirut Srimakam
Sauwanan Bumrerraj
Varisara Luweela


Background and Objective: Over-the-counter drugs (OTC) are commonly used medications. Even the first year medical students are expected to have more knowledge to use them correctly than the normal populations. Therefore, this study was done to study the knowledge and experience of using OTC in first year medical students year 2014

Methodology: Self-administered questionnaires consist of knowledge about dosage, side effects and contraindications for 3 medications 1.paracetamol 2.antihistamine 3.antacid was use for this descriptive study.

Results: Response rate was 93.2 %( 246/264). Median of the score is 10 (95% CI 9.8, 10.2).The proportion of first year medical students who have sufficient knowledge for all three of the commonly used OTC is 0. Most of the students have sufficient knowledge about paracetamol (22.9%) and least of them have knowledge about antacid (3.3%).  We found that 58.4% have the medications chosen by their parents. The most frequent symptom to use the OTC was to treat fever (77.2%).

Conclusion: None of the first year medical student has sufficient knowledge about dosage, side effects and contraindications for paracetamol, antihistamine, and antacid. The experiences of using OTC are mostly chosen by parents.


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