Prevalence of Low Back Pain in One Month Of 40-80 Year-Old People In Sam-Lheum Community, Nai-Meung District, Amphoe Mueng, Khon Kaen

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Ronnarit Boonyarat
Mukkapol Yongpisanpop
Kulthida Hanchengcha
Nawapon Boonthongpetch
Ruetairat Tabseerak
Supannita Philasan
Sirikon Lertseree
Gun Nuangpho
Suchada Paileeklee
Manop Kanato


Background and Objectives: Low back pain (LBP) is common age range 40-80 years old.
Most studies on LBP cover occupational LBP or hospital based but not for a community setting. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of LBP over a one-month period among persons
40-80 years of age in the Sam-lheum community of Khon Kaen, Thailand, as well as the severity of LBP and proportion of LBP among interesting char acters.

Method: 237 people were chosen from 3,107 of Sam-lheum community inhabitant aged between 40 and 80 appling systematic sampling. Data were collected using self-administered questionnaire. Then, data were calculated for frequencies, percentages, medians, and IQRs.

Result: The response rate was 80.6% (191/237), mostly males (65.3%). The median age
of respondents was 60±18 years. The prevalence of LBP over one month was 51.9% (95%
CI; 44.5%, 59.2%). Most of them had only LBP (60.4%) and the severity was limited to minimal
disability (40%). The proportion of LBP among interesting characters were: being male (55.6%); being between 60-69 (56.1%); being overweight (53.3%), smoking (85.7%), no drinking alcohol (80.9%),
hypertension (83.7%), sleeping on a synthetic fiber mattress (62.5%), not regularly turning
the mattress (80.0%), lying on one’s side (82.8%), and having a stooping position (71.1%).
The study revealed that more than half the population in Sam-lheum
community aged between 40 and 80 had LBP, the severity of which did not require
doctor visit.


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