Factors Related Fermented Juice Consumption Cessation among Residents of a Khon Kaen Community

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Thitikorn Juntararuangtong
Nattawat Larbsida
Songwoot Promto
Tippawan Thamna
Thanatchawan Polvieng
Sirapoom Niemsanit
Achara Pollharn
Amorn Premgamone
Amornrat Rattanasiri


Background and objectives: The consumption of fermented juice is trending downward; however, there has been no study defining the factors related to this phenomenon. A cross-sectional analytical study was aimed to study factors related to the cessation of fermented juice in Khon Kaen communities.

Methods: An interview questionnaire were used in 138 participants from 124 households at 1st, 3rd Sam-liam and 3rd Nongwang communities, Nai-muang district, Amphoe Muang, Khon Kaen who used to consume fermented juice (excluding persons under 18) by systematic random sampling. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics (Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Median, S.D., 95%CI) and inferential statistics (Pearson Chi-square test, Multiple logistic regression)

Results: The response rate was 100% (138/138).The respective proportion of fermented juice cessative consumers and non-cessative consumers was 50.7% and 49.3%. The significant factors related to fermented juice consumption cessation among residents of Khon Kaen communities were the post-consumption health feeling, limited access and concern for long-term health effects of consumption. The respective adjusted Odds ratio was 0.01 (95%CI: 0.00, 0.21), 67.54 (95%CI: 1.05, 4352.53), 0.04 (95%CI: 0.00, 0.67).

Conclusion: The factors significantly related to cessation of fermented juice consumption were the post-consumption health feeling, limited access and concern for long-term health.


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