Health Status of Personnels in Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University

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Saisamon Phondongnok
Janjiraporn Wichai
Thanaphon Topanyarueang
Peera Sombatdee
Somsak Tiamkao


Background and Objective:  Annual health check-up could detect in the early stage of various diseases which bring about the good outcomes, in treatment. In addition, health information status are useful for personnel’s health promotion. This research aims to study the health status of personnel in Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.  

Methods:  Descriptive study was conducted during 14 May 2014 - 31 July 2014 by collecting the reports of 875 persons from Personnel Health Check-up Clinic, Health Promotion Unit, Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. The collected data was analyzed by descriptive statistics.

Results:  The results showed that most personals are females (78.17%, mean age 40.55 years), with the majority of normal body mass index (BMI, 57.83%), followed by the obesety class 1 and over weighty 18.74% and 17.94%, respectively. Hypertension (HT) was 4.23%, mainly stage 1 HT (3.43%), impaired fasting blood glucose (6.89 %), diabetes (4.06%). Dyslipidemia was 67.47%,  mainly hypercholesterolemia (57.27 %). The abnormal chest x-ray showed was 14.65 %, and  suspects pulmonary tuberculosis was 0.9 %. Overall health status of personals were abnormal (66.17%).

Conclusion:  Most of personnel’s health status were abnormal and dyslipidemia found mostly common. The Faculty of Medicine, therefore should have a plan for health promotion by giving more knowledge and motivation.  Appropriate physical activities should be added up for health behavior changing achievement which will lead to a good healthy condition.


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Phondongnok S, Wichai J, Topanyarueang T, Sombatdee P, Tiamkao S. Health Status of Personnels in Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2014 Nov. 15 [cited 2023 Nov. 29];29(4):96. Available from:
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