Normative data of Multifocal Visual Evoked Potential in Srinagarind Hospital

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Maneerat Saengsuri
Kitthisak Kitthaweesin


Objective : To define normative data of  Multifocal Visual Evoked Potential(mfVEP) in different age groups in Srinagarind hospital.

Methods : The mfVEP was performed using Retiscan in normal subjects without ocular and systemic disease that effect mfVEP values. Results were recorded in 5 groups between 20-69 year of age and analyzed in 4 quadrants.

Results : There were 18 eyes in the first group (age 20-29). There were no difference in mean amplitude(0.28-0.29 uv) and latency(98.4-101.1 msec) between 4 quadrants.  There were 18 eyes in the second group(age 30-39). In superonasal quadrant:the mean amplitude was 0.34 uv,the mean latency was 103.2 msec. In superotemporal quadrant: mean amplitude was 0.34 uv, mean latency was 103.4 msec. In inferonasal quadrant mean amplitude was 0.37 uv,the mean latency was 100.8 msec. In inferotemporal quadrant mean amplitude was 0.40 uv,the mean latency was 102.4 msec. There were 32 eyes in the third group (age  40-49). There were minimal difference in mean amplitude (0.26-0.30 uv) and latency(98.25-101.20  msec) between 4 sectors. There were 40 eyes in the  fourth group (age 50-59) and 8 eyes in the fifth group (age 60-69). There were minimal difference in mean amplitude (0.34-0.39 uv) and latency (93.64-99.92 msec) between 4 sectors in both groups. 

Conclusion : We established the normal values of mfVEP using retiscan in Srinagarind Hospital to distinguish between the normal and abnormal patients.


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